Building the Coalition Network

Garnering support for COME is, in many ways, more difficult than for many organizations. We don't have a photogenic single issue or victim to tug at your heartstrings. Our number one roadblock is denial.

Pretty much everyone, from the anti-war movement to right-wing demagogues, want to pretend that life as we know it couldn't possibly come to an end just because we're destroying our life support system to protect economic growth, and that everything will turn out just fine as soon as we get the economy that's causing all the problems back on track. Or as soon as a new technology magically appears. Or as soon as the laws of physics are contravened. Whichever comes first.

The single issue fires are easy to see, and they impinge on many of our culturally recognized senses. They must be put out, and there are more excellent groups in full fire-fighting mode than can be listed here.

The arsonist is shadowy and seems almost ephemeral, but actually impacts so many more of our senses, especially the ones necessary for well-being and reaching our potential. But who is developing the organizational capacity, skills, and resources to incapacitate the arsonist and ensure he can no longer freely roam? This void is what COME plans to fill.

Policy research, analysis and development for sustainability, instituting an Earth jurisprudence, and implementing steady-state economies is time intensive and requires a staff that is fairly compensated beyond what volunteers can be expected to do. Training the trainers for coalition development and consulting with local governments requires time and travel. Your donations and grants from foundations serious about systemic change are what make our work possible.

And, ultimately, help mitigate and alleviate the aspect of change you are most passionate about.