Coalitions of Mutual Endeavor
Building critical mass
for critical change

Endorsements, Reviews, and Testimonials


"Very impressive. I see the Earth Jurisprudence and Nature's Trust as encompassing paradigms for bringing people together along the lines you detail. So, I'm thrilled you are acting on this. Just what we need." Mary Christina Wood, Philip H. Knight Professor and Faculty Director, Environmental and Natural Resources Law Program, University of Oregon School of Law

"You two are facilitating group discovery of Life as Teacher and group engagement in manifesting what Life teaches." Ellen LaConte, author of Life Rules: Why so much is going wrong everywhere at once and how Life teaches us to fix it (


Overcoming Separateness within Dominator Culture via Coalition Building
by Derek Tennant
Note from Jan Lundberg: I had the good fortune of meeting Dave and Allison Ewoldt and attending their workshop. The many elements to it go deep and range across our cultural reality. With degrees in psychology, education and mechanical engineering, the Ewoldts cover all the bases. Here is a report from a workshop participant, Derek Tennant:

Dave Ewoldt Envisions A Sustainable Future
by Janaia Donaldson, Peak Moment TV
I always appreciate Dave Ewoldt’s inclusion of reconnecting with the natural world as an essential element in creating a sustainable future. It’s there in almost everything he writes. It makes sense.
These are taken from the June, 2011 West Coast seminar tour feedback form.

  • Moving from theoretical to practical was most useful. (Pine Mt. participant)
  • Great synthesis, useful tools. (Santa Cruz participant)
  • Valuable and necessary stuff. Way too short - Needs a full day or better 2 days. (Santa Cruz participant)
  • Balance of theory and possibility. (Seattle participant)
  • Succinct presentation of multiple concepts (some new) that will prove useful in my work. (Whidbey Island participant)
  • While much of this is material I knew, the integration is something I've been looking for. (Whidbey Island participant)
  • Important issues were addressed. (Bellingham participant)
  • Excellent information presented in a great way. (Bellingham participant)
  • It inspires one to action. (Bellingham participant)

The feedback in Bellingham, WA was the most positive, but they had the advantage of the presentation refinements that evolved from the previous five seminars, and some excellent suggestions from educational activist and author Liz Manvell.

The coalition building material was developed to be a two-day workshop, and compressing it into a four hour seminar was problematic. One very common theme expressed by many of the seminar participants was best summed up by a Whidbey Island participant: "I found the speed frustrating. So many fascinating areas of interest just barely introduced."

So, future presentations will be the full 2 day workshop format.
Jan "Depaver" Lundberg opening the Santa Cruz seminar.