Coalitions of Mutual Endeavor
Building critical mass
for critical change


Suggested Reading

The Chalice and The Blade, Riane Eisler

The Whispering Pond, Ervin Laszlo

The Web of Life, Fritjof Capra

Ecological Democracy, Roy Morrison

Wild Law, Cormac Cullinan

End Game, Vols 1&2, Derrick Jensen

Biosphere Politics, Jeremy Rifkin

A Sand County Almanac, Aldo Leopold

Reconnecting With Nature, Michael J. Cohen

The Continuum Concept, Jean Leidloff

Finding Our Way, Margaret Wheatley

Coming Back to Life, Joanna Macy

Ecopsychology, Theodore Roszak, et al

The Healing Earth, Philip Sutton Chard

Conscious Evolution, Barbara Marx Hubbard

The Cultural Creatives, Paul Ray and Sherry Anderson

Global Brain, Howard Bloom

The Transition Handbook, Rob Hopkins

Ecocities, Richard Register

Postcarbon Cities, Daniel Lerch

Better Not Bigger, Eben Fodor

Beyond Growth, Herman Daly

Going Local, Michael Shuman

Stolen Harvest, Vandana Shiva

Spiritual Ecology, Jim Nollman

The Long Emergency, James Howard Kunstler

This Place on Earth, Alan Durning

In the Absence of the Sacred, Jerry Mander


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