Coalitions of Mutual Endeavor
Building critical mass
for critical change

West Coast Tour, June 2011

A Paradigm Shifting Seminar
Building Critical Mass for Sustainable Change

June, 2011, 9am-1pm

4 hours of rich, professional development for organizers and organizations:
  • seeking a true alternative, not mere reform;
  • eager to build coalitions among peace, justice, environmental, and democracy groups while bridging to the mainstream; and
  • who are aware that without critical mass, there won’t be critical change.

What you will gain from the seminar:

  • A systemic framework, process and supportive tools
  • A common goal and a set of shared values that can be pressed into service—and why they work
  • A process to overcome common stumbling blocks in big-tent coalitions
  • A comprehensive, cohesive narrative that starts with the root disease of single-issue symptoms—connecting the dots
  • A legally defensible definition of sustainability and a process for developing sustainability indicators
  • Reconnecting and Relocalizing—ways to build relationships of mutual support for community resiliency and quality of life
  • A policy foundation to enact and support change

True justice cannot exist without sustainability, and without justice there will be no peace.

Fee: $45 per person
Limited seating available. Please reserve your space as soon as possible.
Local contact for time, place, and reservations: contact me for your closest city

Seminar presenters: Dave and Allison Ewoldt, from Tucson, AZ, are practitioners and researchers in applied ecopsychology. Their community and political activism revolves around remembering how to think and act the way that nature works. The coalition building presentation is the culmination of a decade of research and work in relationship development at the personal, community, and environmental levels to affect change in balance with a living world. Visit their website at

There will be an opportunity available after the seminar for local organizers and organization representatives to meet with Dave and Allison to begin discussing applications to local issues.
June 9, 2011. Santa Cruz, CA