Coalitions of Mutual Endeavor
Building critical mass
for critical change

Programs and Classes

Two-day Coalition Principles workshop
  • Day one - sustainability, developing coalitions, relocalization/transition policies

  • Day two - non-hierarchical methods for organizing, communicating, and reaching group decisions

Two-day Community Assessment and Sustainability Inventory workshop
  • Day one - converging crises, sustainability, and developing sustainability indicators

  • Day two - Community sustainability assessment, laying the foundation for a carrying capacity analysis, developing community buy-in

1/2 day Relocalization seminar for government bodies and community leaders - policy foundations and definitions

One-day workshop: Organizing, communicating, and decision making. This skills development workshop is perfect for non-profit organizations, boards, project teams, neighborhood associations, government bodies, etc. interested in capacity building and functioning effectively and efficiently.

West Coast Tour, June 2011

Please contact us for pricing, scheduling and further details.
June 17, 2011. South Whidbey Commons