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The 1% -- Greedy sociopaths or incompetent morons?

What is the occupy movement protesting? It seems to boil down to social and economic inequity, the degradation of the natural world, and thus the theft of our future. These all occur to maintain the short-term profit and perceived power of a relative handful of the human species, and in service to a very particular paradigm, or story. Of course there are literally dozens of ways these all manifest that people can, and should, be up in arms about. The sociopathic tendency that manifests as Wall Street greed is but one, albeit a rather arrogantly glaring one.

But as I keep trying to point out to people, no matter how serious any of the single issue fires may be, if we don't catch and disable the arsonist, the only long-term effect we'll have is providing job security for non-profits for the limited time the planet remains able to support life.

Some of the individual issues are interesting to examine, though. The secret $7.7 trillion loans by the US Federal Reserve into the global economy--which generated $13 billion in profit for the receiving financial institutions--being one. The reaction by some people to this revelation is that they didn't know this much money even existed.

The answer to that, of course, is that that much money doesn't exist. It's nothing more than fairy dust that is believed to exist because someone typed a whole bunch of zeros into an accounting ledger somewhere and then dutiful third-parties report it as an irrefutable fact.

So here's a real simple dot-connecting exercise. Consider that $13 billion profit the global financial elite generated. That's a profit of only one-tenth of one percent. First, that should be a pretty good indication as to the actual health of the global economy. Second, anybody else who took $7.7 trillion in free, no strings attached money and was only able to generate a profit of one-tenth of one percent would be fired for gross incompetence.


Combine this with the insanity of deliberately destroying our one and only life support system to gain little more than temporary social status. Is there really anyone out there that doesn't believe this system deserves to be replaced lock, stock, and barrel? And real soon?


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