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Obama's Keystone XL announcement

Here's a post from Joseph Romm's Think Progress, with an editorial leader that pretty well sums it up: "The Oil Goes to China, the Permanent Jobs Go to Canada, We Get the Spills, and the World Gets Warmer"

The article, surprisingly enough, originally came from an NRDC staff blog. So it's got the obligatory rah-rah green energy for economic growth paragraphs at the end.

My own take on it all is that the decision to delay the tar-sands pipeline--not put the final nail in its coffin--which Obama can play both ways (the Republicans forced my hand, and back off environmentalists), is little more than political cover for continuing fracking and off-shore drilling. Keystone XL was never an American jobs creation project (20-200 permanent US jobs), one that would affect American oil imports, or contribute to US GDP (it's destination was a duty-free Houston port). A few American refiners would have gotten a very small cut, but the production was Canadian and the final sales were destined for elsewhere in the world.

And because of this, Keystone XL was never on the books as affecting American oil dependency or energy security in the first place. But fracking in the continental US, and drilling in US waters is. Obama can now push those projects for his BigOil buddies under the typical national security and energy dependency rubric and tell environmentalists to lighten up because he did the "right" thing on the pipeline. And Democrats--and mainstream environmental organizations who depend on Democrat's money--are all over themselves with sending gushing letters of adoration to Obama.

And the world keeps increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

Too bad you can't create little eco-islands of sustainability surrounded by the toxins of industrial culture.


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