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My response to Al Gore's Rolling Stone article, Climate of Denial

Gore's article is definitely worth a read.
As you might imagine, though, I have a few issues with it.

Al does his usual excellent job of laying out the case for the reality of catastrophic anthropogenic climate destabilization and why the denialist lobby has been so effective in their FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) campaign.

Unfortunately, he falls squarely into the latter camp when he dons his apologist cap for the Obama administration and the Democratic Party in general. (He used "skilled leadership" and "Nancy Pelosi" in the same sentence. This woman set a land speed record on becoming Speaker of the House in rolling over for bush II in the runup for the Iraq invasion.) Yes, Obama appointed many good men and women to his administration. And then immediately threw them under the bus as soon as some right-wing whackjob started spouting nonsense about them.

This tendency to think Democrats are part of the solution seems to spring from Gore's belief that clean, renewable energy can save the economic paradigm that finances the destruction and toxicity responsible for elevated greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, topsoil loss, ocean acidification, species extinction, and the highest rates of injustice and inequity ever seen on this planet.

Gore pouts that cap-n-trade is highly vilified. Well, of course it is. People who can connect the dots understand it is an attempt to privatize for personal profit the last global commons--the atmosphere. It is nothing more than yet another way to turn pollution into a profit center. We think we can export destruction and pollution to developing countries-- out of sight, out of mind--yet in an interconnected world it results in no net greenhouse gas reductions. In fact, global emissions, resource depletion and poverty continue increasing.

Gore is 100% correct in pointing out the presidential bully pulpit could be used effectively to advance the national conversation on what we're facing, and the dereliction of duty evidenced by the state of the press. It is indeed time to face reality.

But, a major portion of this reality is that the overall mindset of economic cannibalism is ultimately much more dangerous than anything the denialist lobby can come up with. The Climate of Denial is truly bi-partisan. With friends like this, our poor beleaguered planet doesn't need any more enemies.

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